Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Dearest ...

It's often said there is beauty in sadness.
tis true.

Yesterday I went back to Wagga, just to have a little visit with Grandad, a chat with with my amazing Aunty Erena, (she is the other super hero in this world that you haven't heard about yet - you know besides Wonderwoman and Supergirl etc ) and spend a little personal time on my own by Grandma's final earthly resting place. Not an easy day, but special.

I returned home with a little snack sized lunch baggie containing some beautiful treasures that Grandma had picked out for me.

A hair clip / barrette. Tortoiseshell with little diamontes around the ends.

A hat pin. My Grandma was a true lady of style. Hats were her thing and they suited her beautifully, (we all know it takes a certain type of person to really wear a hat).

A little inspirational bookmark. It had been in her bible for some time. Earlier this year she hand wrote a message in it for me.

pass me a tissue ..

And a fan. Her 'convention fan' to be exact. It has the right scent - the scent of Grandma's elegant taste in fine parfums. Though I think the most endearing thing about it is it's not perfect. It's been broken a little - and it's been 'patched up' with Grandma's economy. One last little lesson of wisdom for me. I'm so quick to throw out and replace. Yet Grandma had repaired her modest fan even though she had the means to replace that fan with hundreds of fancier ones.

But . The Letters.
Letters which 'turned up' , surfaced in the immediate days after Grandma's passing. Never been seen in the 60 years of Grandma and Grandads marriage.

They are proving to be a huge source of comfort to Grandad and an absolute wonderment to me.

They are of course all the letters of their courtship. My Dearest Stanley ..... My Dearest Eileen .....

' well this is the fourth letter I have got written to you this week my darling ... '

just. so. beautiful.

all so gentlemanly.
ever so lady like.

oh for the romance of yesterday.

as opposed to the texting messages today. Send and delete, text & delete ..

all my love, me xx

Thursday, July 15, 2010

rainy day - paper cities

These fun paper cities kept the girls entertained nearly all day yesterday.
I 'found' them a wee while ago cruising around the web and bookmarked them for a rainy day. Yesterday was it !
Neah, Olly & Rilla had a great time colouring in, cutting out, folding etc and finally visiting each others cities.
Download, print and away you go !

Where :
(look in the April 2010 archives)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just in case

This is going back a while, just discovered this afternoon on an SD card I haven't touched in a while.

Twas the night before Neah's birthday - just posting up a reminder for herself on her bed not to forget her birthday.
As if you would forget when you are turning NINE !

Saturday, July 3, 2010

today, 4th July, 2010


early today my beautiful grandma finished life here on earth.
no more memories to make - just memories to keep.

Friday, July 2, 2010

today last year / today this year

we were at Moonta, South Australia. staying with Rin & Lyndo !

today : at home. Roger & Nerida are staying with us, and we are enjoying our little niece / nephew - cousins, Comfort & Weston. They have gone to play in the snow for the day.
We would like to go too - however, Brad has taken Neah to the Dr. and Olly has a b'day party to go to this afternoon.

We will play in snow in New Zealand in about, umm... 8 approx. weeks !