Thursday, January 27, 2011

quick road trip

The kids had a few days stay at 'Carrathool Grandma's". We all went out 2 (?) weekends ago. After church in Griffith on the Sunday, the girls went back home with my mum & dad, and so Brad and I had a few short days by ourselves.
I drove back myself the following Wednesday, stayed a night then we went on all the way out to Tallimba, to visit a very special part of our family - Karlynda. Who stayed with us and helped us out when the twins were babies.

Now she has her own cute little bambino's. : )

yummy ! Viarna

what can say ? adorable. Lewis
Nearly at Mum & Dads. beautiful bridge - well it once was. has not been maintained properly, which is a shame. It's rather old and is a 'lift' bridge. One span can (or used to) lift up so that the paddlesteamers laden with fine Riverina Merino wool could pass through.
dirty windscreen - big wide open Hay Plains. Straight flat roads forever. i ask you - how can one travel at only 100 kms an hour here ?

still skiing , lots.

Neah - a little dot on a knee board , looking down from our garden.
Brad, looking a little dark !
Peggy, keeping an eye on things.

Lake is still high - 90 % tho we are now spoilt and lament even this 10% loss from full. It means there is a gap (gasp ! ) from the grass to the water !
I'm not a skiier - I'm a kneeboarder - so maybe thats not as 'cool' as skiing - but let me tell you I have a Lot, yes lots of fun on it : )

On a sad-ish note - the kids go back to school on Monday : (

Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello , happy new year

'L O V E ' letters. in my bedroom. i love them.
have been spending heaps of time swimming in Lake Hume . Its pretty full. And we are pretty lucky. It's in my backyard. Pretty much. Actually, the fuller it gets, the less backyard I have ?

Hi , it's late - this could be a bit of a rambly funny post ?
And I'm wondering - who's reading my blog ?
.. Hello ... I know you can see me .. wish I could 'see' you !
leave me a comment - or if your a sweet shy type - send me an e-mail
please ?

it'll keep me motivated : )
I'll post more !