Monday, May 28, 2012


I have so many Thermomix posts to write up - so many pictures to post.  Life and fun stuff have been taking priority - which is how I like it  : )

"Roll-ups"  (fruit leathers ? )
Have always refused to buy "roll-ups" for the kids lunch boxes - the price itself puts me off before even considering any other factors !

With grapes at a great price recently I made these.  

Add 750 grams chosen fruit , plus 1 banana to bowl.  (Grapes)
Set Thermi to cook 10 mins, 100C, speed 2.

Go and do something. light the fire  ? - its freeeezing.

Add lemon juice from 1/2 lemon.

Process for 30 seconds on speed 9.

Spread onto well oiled baking trays and dry out in the oven approx 8 to 12 hours, 80 degrees in the oven.

Done -  Soo easy. so good.
Actually produced about 5 of these trays.

laid them out on baking paper, cut into strips and rolled up.

Cute ?  darling daughters love love them. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

& in other news

Yesterday Brad & I had a bit of a sticky beak around the National Environment Center at Thurgoona.
National Environment Center. Organic Farm

We were looking to poach some ideas and glean some useful information to develop our little patch of paradise when we were sprung by the manager / principal tramping around the vegie gardens.

All good though, a friendly chat ensued and before we knew it, I had enrolled in a course.  I am now an enrolled student, to be studying for
Diploma of Agriculture (Organic Production)

        How about that !

Brad & I are looking forward to arming ourselves with the best knowledge available to sustainably farm our 50 acre plot to first and foremost provide our family with a wide variety of organic produce.

I will fit this in and around my new  'Thermomix'  job.  Which I am really enjoying  : )   Meeting great people whom most are passionate about eating 'clean' foods, no additives, no preservatives, or as my kids say , 'numbers in the food'.  I cannot claim we are are angels at this, but we are minimising these nasties as far as practical.  Thermomix is a great tool for helping  make that aim simpler.   : )

May I leave you with this,  ( but please don't read this if you are at this minute eating your supermarket purchased bread .....  )
Things in bread you don't want to know about.


I have been eyeing of these wallpapers for ages.  had them 'pinned' to pinterest boards.  

i took the plunge and ordered beautiful big samples. they are so divine.  can't really picture any walls in our house to put them on though ?  maybe mod podge them to a board as a piece of wall art ?
my good friend Rach has i think, booked us into a bookbinding workshop in Yackandandah. i'm thinking these would be rather nice covers.   

and yes,  i have sooo much blogging to catch up on.  last November we went to Rodneys Agrarian Kitchen School.  i must share all about that !