Monday, May 28, 2012


I have so many Thermomix posts to write up - so many pictures to post.  Life and fun stuff have been taking priority - which is how I like it  : )

"Roll-ups"  (fruit leathers ? )
Have always refused to buy "roll-ups" for the kids lunch boxes - the price itself puts me off before even considering any other factors !

With grapes at a great price recently I made these.  

Add 750 grams chosen fruit , plus 1 banana to bowl.  (Grapes)
Set Thermi to cook 10 mins, 100C, speed 2.

Go and do something. light the fire  ? - its freeeezing.

Add lemon juice from 1/2 lemon.

Process for 30 seconds on speed 9.

Spread onto well oiled baking trays and dry out in the oven approx 8 to 12 hours, 80 degrees in the oven.

Done -  Soo easy. so good.
Actually produced about 5 of these trays.

laid them out on baking paper, cut into strips and rolled up.

Cute ?  darling daughters love love them. 

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