Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello , happy new year

'L O V E ' letters. in my bedroom. i love them.
have been spending heaps of time swimming in Lake Hume . Its pretty full. And we are pretty lucky. It's in my backyard. Pretty much. Actually, the fuller it gets, the less backyard I have ?

Hi , it's late - this could be a bit of a rambly funny post ?
And I'm wondering - who's reading my blog ?
.. Hello ... I know you can see me .. wish I could 'see' you !
leave me a comment - or if your a sweet shy type - send me an e-mail
please ?

it'll keep me motivated : )
I'll post more !


  1. I'm not your blog. Keep it up. ms

  2. Stay motivated, its always lovely to check on friends!! Put more gouse photos up - I want to see it all....!

  3. hi - i check in here often enough too.. found you through Oie. Keep posting :-)