Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year

2010. twenty ten. two thousand and ten. What we have seen of it so far looks pretty good !

For me I always feel like my personal new year begins with ( or ends ? ) with our Christian convention in late November. Never mind about new year resolutions on the 1st of Jan, it's the lessons learnt, encouragement received, faith increased, & vows to be fulfilled that have the greatest importance. And so 'my' year is well underway already before the calender year gets started. It's kinda good.

Janurary 2010

No pics so far - oops.
We have been BBQ ing with friends, swimming, water skiing, shopping (new year bargains ! ), afternoon napping, berry picking, renovating, gardening. had a day in Bright with Rach & Anthea and children while the boys took of from there for some dirt biking. The kids have intensive swimming lessons this week - it wears them out just beautifully !

Next week I have them booked into holiday art classes for 2 hours each morning Mon - Thurs. Maybe we might score some quirky originals for the walls !

Keep cool - todays forecast is 43 degrees - again. (and Code Red Catastrophic fire conditions for much of the state .. )

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