Monday, August 2, 2010

re-decorating update

well it's slow.
ie : not much to report at all.

What there is to report is this,

I have purchased a new clock - (well ok - that was back in May - and was for Brad's birthday ! )
anyone else buy stuff like this for 'their husbands' - but really for themselves ?

A painter has been to do a measure and quote on painting our really , really, super duper high ceiling rooms. But. He hasn't called back - I bet he's scared of heights too.

A curtain making lady came out last Saturday with some gorgeous samples and ugly samples and measured the windows. She sent the quote thru yesterday. $10,000 smackaroos - and that's not even half the house ! and includes a 10% discount ! ? I'm thinking that I should re-think our house insurance - except that the current ones are not worth a dime.

The floors. I have a sample plank of wood. I'm trying to like it, but I'm just not sure, better get some more. Of course what I really like is the black timber look - which they don't sell at the Hardly Normal flooring store where they do offer an attractive 42 months or so interest free finance payment plan.

Better go and invest in a few more home decorator magazines. Or maybe try and sell all the ones I have. Confession : a wholesale sell-out of the ones I already have might just about pay Marie the curtain lady !

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