Tuesday, September 28, 2010

summer skirts

I sewed some simple cotton skirts for the girls ! Have not sewed clothes since Neah was little .
I should do this more often - they only took about 10 minutes each and cost less than $8 each, thats about $30 less than Pumpkin Patch - whose quality and styles for girls has gone to the pack anyways.


  1. very, very cute. I am going to go out and buy myself a sewing machine this winter. my other one hit the trash - too much complicated stuff on it and two many years in storage. maybe I will get one for my b'day?! (from myself...!)

    you asked about the thing on the bus awhile ago. well that is so the kids have to walk far enough in front of the bus so that the driver can always see them. got this information from my hubby who is a fountain of knowledge, probably read it somewhere and will forever retain it!

    p.s. happy summer, bron!

  2. Bron, just wanted to know where you got the fantastic material from for the skirts? I hope it's not some fancy little shop in Albury! Material almost impossible to find in Perth - we only seem to have Spotlight (which is 99% garbage). Alternative might be to look on internet.
    Cath xx