Monday, April 11, 2011

12wbt update - wk 8

Wondering how I'm going  ?  

I'm in such a positive headspace about all this.  So far I have lost 7kgs.  So it could have been more  - but you know - I'm going, yay to me !!  

The challenges have been sick kids - very sick for 3 plus weeks.  Darn whooping cough.  The twins had it , just at the very tail end of it now.  Thankfully Neah's immunisations were up to date, and she was spared (well, the actual illness , but not I guess the disrupted family routine, less of my time,  the impossibleness of a full nights sleep , thanks to the loud whooping etc, etc).

The best bits - feeling fitter - actually running on my treadmill - being inspired by the amazing transformations of the contestants on The Biggest Loser.  I place my laptop on my treadmill and watch it online at a time convenient to me . And then play mind games with myself - if the contestants are being yelled at on a treadmill, etc, to go faster / harder etc , then I do that too !   LOL

A couple of weeks ago we had a wonderful extended weekend away to Thredbo / Mt Kosciuszko.  I walked to the summit with Neah (her 10th birthday).   Took 3.5 hours return (to the chairlift) and I burnt 1993 calories !  huge !  A really hard Super Circuit at the gym on a Saturday morning (V. v. early .. )  burns on average (for me) approx 650 cals.

 Australia's highest mountain

Four weeks to go ! 

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