Sunday, October 23, 2011

Red Ramia Trading

A couple of days ago, Brad & I took a little afternoon drive to Myrtleford.  A gorgeous drive from here, towards Bright.  Myrtleford is a country town, lots of Italians.  It's sustained by grapes/ wineries, the timber industry, berry farms, hops plantations, and Brads favourite motor bike shop.
Until a few years ago, the most profitable industry there was tobacco growing.  It all finished tho - can't remember the details.  What remains is all the cute little funky shaped tobacco sheds made from steel corrugated iron.

My personal favorite shop of all time, anyplace (excluding the Queen Victoria Building ),  is Red Ramia Trading, at Myrtleford.

A huge bazaar like grouping of buildings filled to the rafters with quirky unique finds and treasures from all parts of Indonesia and Asia. All the space between the buildings is also chock full of outdoor things.  Cannons, flower pots, steel chairs, sun houses, staircases, lanterns, gates, doors, post boxes ...

Then there's also the wonderful Moroccan themed menu for lunch in the cafe.
The main entrance.

This is down the back between two buildings.

This gorgeous glasshouse is for sale. love the details and the doors and windows, the green metal work.  I can imagine this being over a swimming pool. 

Calligraphy brushes ?  beautiful ivory and other stones.
Teakwood printing blocks. So many beautiful patterns.

A Chinese carriage chair.  presumably you have your servants cart you about in it ?
A spiral staircase for sale, some iron chairs and fencing panels.

packed to the rafters.
Chapatti rollers

There are lots more amazing bits and pieces big and small i photographed, but this is a lot of photo's already : ).    The above is the most wonderfull Moroccan mint tea I had in the cafe, wish you could smell  it thru the picture...  ahhh.  

Come join me for a visit up there one day : )

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