Thursday, March 29, 2012

little pots of goodness

Silly me ,  why have I not been making this in all the time my Thermi & I have had together so far ??
Crazy.  Concentrated Vegetable Stock. Pure goodness.
Add all your rough chopped vegies & herbs, garlic to the Thermi
Thermi chops it all up, 10 seconds.
Add oil & salt
Set Thermi to cook for 20 mins
Go have a cuppa tea, read some blogs, phone a friend
Madly dash around the house, put washing on, clean floors, tidy up - the Mr is due home tonight ! (has been in Ungarie, which is not on anyones 'go to for leisure' list)
beep beep beep, Thermi is finished.
Get Thermi to Pulverise to smooth velvety goodness.

Store in the fridge, 1 tablespoon = 1 stock cube.

So right now I am reading the label on the bought stock in my pantry.  It's supposedly a good quality one, I chose it because the packet says,
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
Trans Fat Free
Cholesterol Free
No Animal Content  ('Beef' stock - go figure)
No added MSG

ok, not bad ,  but in the Ingredients list ; palm sugar, corn maltodextrin, caramel colour (150a) among others.  Does not sound so tasty now.

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