Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today is DAY ONE,  the beginning  of less of me !  ?  
Well that's the plan anyways.

I'm a bit excited,  (for transforming results ) and a bit scared (of failure - u know , not finishing) .

But here goes  I'm of to a good start.

Michelle Bridges - Bring it on !

Hope ya'll all be cheering for me ?

What is 12WBT ?
Acronym for  12 week body transformation.

Basically Michelle Bridges, (personal trainer extraordinaire , and "The Biggest Loser' tv show trainer),  'trains' you online.  Exercise  programs , (beginner (me), intermediate and lean & strong etc ),  bi-weekly motivating video's,  menu plans, etc, etc.

Have yourself a very happy day x

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  1. Good luck, I hope it works, my 12Wplan is to have a baby at the end of it! Then I suppose I'll be looking for inspiration myself!!