Friday, February 4, 2011

back to school 2011

yes the kids are "back to school" . They love school - lucky

Neah's teacher is "Mr Payne" , but thus far is not showing attributes which would confirm his moniker.

Rilla has 2 teachers who job share her class, an ALL girls class : )

Olly - is the only person in her class to "get 3 stickers" this week from her teacher - Mr Hillary,
( who is a tad cute, can i say that ? )

But me, moi. Am also a student again this year. I start week after next.

Am so excited. Enrolled in Certificate IV in Printing and Graphic Arts.

I'll keep you updated on the cool things I'll learn ( if I'm a good student ! )

might be able to tizzy up this blog ?

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