Sunday, April 22, 2012


My Dad took his Grand-daughters yabbying while we visited ' Granddad's big farm'  over the school holidays.  Lots of mud, lots of fun.  Besides capturing yabbies, we managed to inadvertently do some dam 'de-silting' and catch some funny looking small fish with legs - tadpoles, ready to 'jump' the 'nest' !
When you are dragging mud in your nets along with yabbies - you need extra muscles.

Rilla's first yabbie.
Olly and some spare teeth.

Yabbies for Entree
We didn't get very many really !  
We put them in the rice basket, gave them a good bath in fresh water, then put them to sleep in the freezer.

Put water into the TMX bowl, heat to Varoma temperature.  Take the sleepy yabbies out of the fridge and plunge straight into the TMX bowl. Cook for 3 - 4 minutes.  Drain, shell the yabbies, & remove the poop shoots.
 Meanwhile in the TMX, I had minced garlic, added spring onion, coriander, s & p, and coconut milk.  I set the TMX to 100 degrees, cooked for approx 5 mins, then added the yabbie tails and coriander, & cooked for a further minute.
Served over rice.  : )    

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  1. ooh Yum! I loved yabbying when I was a kid - haven't done it for ages.