Wednesday, March 3, 2010


in exciting developments, we are finally starting to paint ! Prompted by the final death of the dryer and the dying sounds of it's counterpart the washing machine.

So what's behind your dryer ?? I had no idea that behind ours (been up on the wall for 7 years) was this ever increasing build up of lint ! How did our house not burn down ? no idea - I shall just be content with counting my lucky stars.

The washing machine has found a new home in the guest cottage - so now when ya'll come to stay you can do your own washing!

Replacements are ordered and waiting for pick-up from the Good Guys. The dryer is a 'condenser' dryer. Especially excited about that - should mean no more mould in my laundry - all the steam is condensed in a tray which you just empty at the end of the cycle.

The washing machine is going to challenge me into new modes of organisation. It's a front loader which I have never had before and I know it will take lots longer to wash. No more throwing school socks in the wash early in the morning hoping they will be ready to wear at 8 !

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