Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poppy, Baby & Babybaby

Very recent photo's of Marilla, Olympia and our 3 donkeys.

Poppy was so named by previous owners of this property - we inherited her & and her b/friend (who now lives elsewhere).

When Poppy had her first baby it was in the same week the twins were born - needless to say we never really got around to naming her - so "Baby" stuck.

Then before we knew it Poppy had given "Baby" a sibling - oh dear, by this time the twins were approx. 12 months old and we were .. BUSY .. and TIRED .. and who knows what else ?

Too busy to think up anther name that's for sure, so the new- est donkey came to be known as "Babybaby" !

And like all good nicknames it has just 'stuck'.

Just like ' Rilla ' and ' Olly ' .

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