Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laundry's nearly done !

Heres a sneak preview .. the new washing machine is in, and cleans beautifully despite our only having untreated lake water to wash with, is lovely to send the girls to school with white school socks and white sports t-shirts, and white collars on their dresses !

The dryer is being put underneath the bench and is now in , but we need to finish the cabinet doors next to it, touch up a few wee paint spots - & convince Brad that new tapware over the laundry sink (why are they soo expensive ! ) will be the finishing touch.

the shower is done and the toilet. These are the area's where our visitors visit when they 'need to go' : ) So it's nice to have it looking a bit more mickey mouse !

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  1. Aren't renovations so frustrating and expensive, but so wonderful when completed? We got a new washing machine this year too! Enjoy yours.