Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neah's Ninth

Neah's choice of cake from the Womans Weekly Birthday Cake Book. The 'Party Pinata". The recipe is a 'cake' underneath a chocolate shell that the child then gets to smash open and reveal all the 'loot' (chocolate coins etc) on top of the cake. The shell (according to the recipe) is melted chocolate swirled around a pudding basin, then set, then, hopefully comes out in one beautiful and perfect shell over the cake when you rub the pudding basin with a warm cloth .
My friend Annie had a better idea - buy an extra large easter egg and cut it in half - I love cheating a recipe !

Could I say - it 'was a hit' !

The girls had fun with the photo booth application on my laptop.

And then enjoyed time spent 'scrapping' the printed photo booth snaps to take home.

We had a fire pit tea - sausages in hotdog rolls and potato gems.
And toasted marshmallows for dessert.

Neah had a Happy Birthday !
26th March.

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